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As 2019 draws to a close and we plan for 2020 old maxims prove as true today as they did fifty, sixty or a thousand years ago:

  1. Successful retailers build a moat around their business.
    1. Think about McDonald’s and Starbucks with their very large store count and great real estate criteria, making it difficult for competitors to out position them. Their products are not unique and can be duplicated. But their store operating systems and large store count provide protection from smaller competitors.
    2. Wal-Mart and Target having very broad product lines and compelling prices that make it possible for customers to complete most of their shopping without leaving their stores.
    3. Membership clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club low priced bulk purchasing ability for customers.
    4. Retailers such as Apple Stores and health clubs that provide unique and exclusive experiences that can’t be found outside their stores.
  2. Products and Services that can’t be duplicated “online” will continue to be successful in brick and mortar locations. New online retailers will continue to open trying to use low cost of operation as a differentiation point with brick and mortar stores. But this competition has been occurring ever since the second retail store in history opened.
  3. Too much debt almost always kills a business as the percentage of cash flow that must service (pay) the debt strangles investment in innovation such as for new products, services and expansion.
  4. Successful retailers focus relentlessly on providing either unique products or compelling prices (value to the consumer); and always on providing great customer service. As soon as retailers lose focus on those two major facets of business they begin to decline.
  5. As some retailers close the new real estate opportunities that become available open the chance for others to expand, especially restaurants, fitness centers and health service chains.

Retail Real Estate Advisors is ready to assist retailers, with 2020 vision, by finding great real estate that allows more customers to visit locations more often and spend more money at their stores.



Copper Moon Coffee Café Coming to West Lafayette


Hi Vine Apartments West Lafayette, IN

334 Brown St.
West Lafayette, IN 47906 

Locally Owned. Locally Roasted. Freshly Prepared.

Copper Moon Meijer Court, Lafayette, IN

 Copper Moon Coffee - World Cafe

4729 Meijer Court #102  Lafayette, IN 47905

An Opportunity to Expand Presence.

Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship
1201 W. State Street   West Lafayette, IN 47906

Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship

1201 W. State Street   West Lafayette, IN 47906


Retail Real Estate Advisors group of independent consultants each have knowledge gained from over 30 years of national commercial real estate and store development experience, including 15 years developing traditional retail locations for national premium retailers such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Au Bon Pain Café Bakery, Nature’s Table, Copper Moon Coffee Company, and master concessionaires and Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprises for food, beverage and retail developments in airports and travel plaza venues. The advisors of RREA deliver new store development expertise to help retailers create and implement a strategic store growth plan; identify, source and secure through leases or purchase agreements new locations and develop in-house analysis and approval processes to insure continued success through new store growth.