services provided

  • Strategic Real Estate Planning
    • Five, Three and One year strategic growth planning for
      Five, Three and One year existing and new locations
    • Plan your growth to achieve maximum store potential
    • Determine optimum trade channel development by market
    • Develop preferred site criteria
    • Develop sales estimation formulas for new locations
    • Develop New Store Opening process
  • Tactical Implementation of Real Estate Plan
    • Analyze existing and potential markets to determine new location potential
    • Market Optimization—Analyze existing locations for renewal / closing determination
    • Map potential opportunities against existing locations and competition
    • Develop local broker network to maximize development efforts
    • Secure locations through lease / purchase negotiations / RFP response development
    • Expedite Zoning and Permitting process
  • Develop Site Selection Criteria
    • Store Size – what is the optimum size for your store?
    • Location Analysis – Where is the optimum location for your store? Is it necessary to be on a “point” position? Can you not afford cheap real estate?
    • Demographics – who is your customer? How many people need to be in a trade area for your store to be successful?
    • Site Criteria – how does the side of the street influence your customers ability to visit more often?
    • Traffic Analysis – how many cars must pass your site to bring the proper number of potential customers to your store?
    • Daypart analysis – what part of the day are your customers most likely to visit? How does that impact site selection?
  • Retail Sales Estimation
    • Annual sales estimates – Every site analysis begins with the potential for that site to create an acceptable amount of annual sales.
    • Trade Area – know how big a reasonable trade area must be for your store to be successful.
    • Demographics – know how many potential customers are within a potential store’s trade area.
    • Home, Work, Shop and other. What is the contribution each category makes to your sales potential?
  • Financial Analysis - Prepare Site Presentation Package to include:
    • Pro-Forma for review – first year, multi-year pro-forma income statements
    • Return on Investment and Net Present Value Analysis
    • Strategic rationale for store opening
  • Lease Negotiation
    • Business point review.
    • Coordinate legal review with your retail real estate attorney.
    • Present counter offers to landlords/tenants.
    • Prepare final financial review prior to you signing a lease/purchase contract.
  • RFI/RFP Proposal Preparation and Presentation 
    • Develop and manage proposal schedule:
      • Research and write
      • Issuance
      • Site Inspections Tour
      • Questions deadline
      • Responses to Questions
      • Proposal submittals
      • Short list of respondent’s presentations
      • On-site interviews, respondent presentations
    • Collaborate with Hospital staff to develop key parameters to be addressed within RFI/RFP
    • Develop RFI/RFP response matrix, assignments and deadlines to ensure process milestones are achieved
    • Write RFI/RFP proposal/solicitation package
    • Develop forms as necessary for technical and financial response and analysis
    • Collaborate closely with the Hospital assigned proposal leads to define resource needs and staff projects appropriately
    • Review responses to ensure strategic content is appropriately captured and represented
    • Collaborate with Hospital staff to review and rank responses
    • Coordinate all correspondence with respondents post RFI/RFP issuance
    • Assist with contract negotiations with respondents where requested


"Having studied, worked on and prepared 56 responses to Request For Information’s/Request For Proposal’s, with a 44% success rate,  I know what successful projects include, how they are organized and presented."

I can help your hospital or university develop and successfully manage the Request for Information/Request for Proposal process. " 

~ Corey Andrews

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